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Nature's Choice Fertilizer is one of the largest fertilizer companies that is organic based. we provide in-users and manufacturers on three elements with a wide range of high performance solutions all from a single source.

  • Specialty Fertilizers
  • Commercial Fertilizers
  • Soil Enrichment Additives

Our family of integrated businesses ensures that our customers receive the highest quality, competitive pricing, and direct customer support.

Over the past several years, Nature's Choice Fertilizer has been engaging with community partners and farmers to blend the highest quality organic fertilizer, in order to ensure the agricultural industry has diverse solutions for growing in various environments.

Fertilizer Production

Phosphate rock is the raw material that is commonly used in the manufacturing of fertilizer in most commercial fertilizer based products. Nature's Choice Fertilizer is delivered from naturally occurring sources and oars. In it's processed state, Nature's Choice Raw Fertilizer material is not so suitable for direct applications without it's special blend of material based out of the Mediterranean Sea. To transform the fertilizer into a plant available form and to obtain more concentrated product, Nature's Choice Fertilizer raw material is processed using sulfuric and/or phosphoric acid at a minimum of 5%.

The process begins by grinding the Nature's Choice raw minerals into a fine material. In the manufacturing department, the fine raw material reacts with phosphoric and/or sulfuric acid, to yield organic powder super soil. We find that super soil is then fed into a steam granulation unit where it turns into 5-6 mm granulated organic fertilizer.

Nature's Choice Fertilizers are produced in a multi-purpose granulation plant-based environment which is also equipped with a pipe reactor that enables to react ammonia with 5% phosphoric acid to yield both mixtures, which is granulated in the Mediterranean Sea based products with organic material. 


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